Thursday, February 09, 2006

she love to wear a dress with the same grace as of an cocktail dress (SEXY).

A lady got an email from a man, looking for a woman who wasn't afraid to seat alone with him in an car, and I read about this email (FUNNY) while trolling about on the internet. Hence the pulled quote which is the title of this post, which doesn't have any reason to exist other than giving me the chance to have the phrase

the same grace as of an cocktail dress

on my blog repeatedly.

Then, elsewhere in what I thought was funny from the internet was the exhortation from a longer list of listy things to have a person page themselves on an office intercom, not bothering to disguise their voice.

Tina, please report to your blog.


izchan said...

I love that dress.

Adam Szymkowicz said...

That is funny.

la Ketch said...

dress pretty looking you on.

Eve said...

Nobody have more sexy grace than of you in an car, wearing an cocktail dress.